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What Is an Abstract of a Thesis?

abstract of a thesis

What Is the Abstract of a Thesis?

thesis abstract templateYour abstract is usually one of the very last parts of your thesis that you will write as it is a summary of everything that you have written. It will also be the first part of your thesis that anyone else will read as they will read this to find out just what your thesis is about and what you have found. Your abstract may also appear within research indexes and databases so that other researchers can find information that they need.

So what you write in your abstract is very important if you want people to actually read your research and to see it as being important. You should not see the abstract as being just an introduction however; your abstract of a thesis should be written well enough to communicate the whole of your thesis.




How Do You Write Your Abstract of a Thesis?

thesis abstract templateYour abstract of a thesis is not a lengthy piece of writing, in most institutions you are looking at just 150 words for a master’s thesis and 350 words for a doctoral thesis although this can vary significantly. So just a half to a full page of writing is all you have to fully summarize the many months of research and writing that you have done. Doing this is not easy and you will need to ensure that you are very concise in your writing and avoid any form of filler in your PhD thesis writing. To write your abstract of a thesis you should:

  • Start with the right thesis abstract format: check with your supervisor to ensure that you are using the correct thesis abstract template so that it is written in the correct manner for your thesis.
  • The abstract should follow the structure of your full thesis, so if you have five main sections then your abstract should have a sentence or two to reflect each of these sections.
  • Your research questions or hypothesis should be clearly stated towards the very start of your abstract so that it is clear what your thesis has answered. If you have multiple questions that take up too much space you may wish to convert some questions to a subsidiary status within your research.
  • Your results are the most important part when writing a PhD thesis, you should dedicate around half of your abstract to a discussion of your results. The reader wants to know what you discovered through your research not how you did it. While your methodology should be included to show how you came about your findings the bulk of your writing should always be about what you have actually discovered.

We Can Write Your Abstract of a Thesis

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