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What Is a Dissertation Proposal? Tips for Writing and Defending

what is a dissertation proposal

Why Do You Need to Know What Is a Dissertation Proposal?

how to do a dissertation proposalBefore you can go ahead and do your research and write your dissertation you will need to first complete your dissertation proposal and have it accepted. Your proposal is your justification and plan for the research that you wish to conduct and is written very much in the way that you will actually end up writing your dissertation.

Your justification and plan will be reviewed by your supervisor and often a panel who will then decide if what you are suggesting is important enough and feasible to conduct. Often you will also have to defend your PhD thesis writing in front of the panel and answer many questions to show that you are prepared fully to conduct your research.




How to Write the Best Dissertation Proposal

how to do a dissertation proposal helpFirstly ensure that you have selected the right topic area for your research and discuss it fully with your supervisor. Your proposal will need to be written to a high standard and will need to follow a set format. The format that you follow is typically different for each institution so ensure that you get the right information from your supervisor before you start to write so that you will follow their guidelines fully with regards to the format, page count and other factors. A typical proposal will look something like this:

  • The introduction: This should introduce the questions that you are seeking to answer through your research and clearly show the problems that you are seeking to solve. You should also introduce your hypothesis or research question.
  • The literature review: You need to show what other research has already been done around this topic and provide a context for your research. This should clearly show that there is hole in the research that you are seeking to fill.
  • Your approach: This should outline and justify the methodology that you will use to do your research and analysis.
  • Your plan: You should provide an full timeline as to how your research should be conducted. Remember the more thought you put into this the easier your actual research will be later.
  • Bibliography: This should contain not only the documents that you cite within your proposal but also other literature that you have reviewed within your research.

How to Do a Dissertation Proposal Defense

how to do a dissertation proposal tipsOnce you have actually written your paper for online doctorate degrees you will often be expected to defend it in front of a panel who will either send you back to the drawing board or will approve your research. Of course the better prepared you are for your defense the more chance you have of success.

Ensure that you have all of the requirements as to what is expected of you from your supervisor:

  • How long should your presentation be? How long will you be expected to answer questions for?
  • When and where will your defense take place?
  • What forms and documents do you need to bring? How long before the defense should you circulate copies of your proposal to the panel members?
  • Are there any unwritten expectations such as the provision of refreshments?

Go to several defenses so that you can see exactly what happens:

  • Ensure that you know your literature, you will need to show that you have a firm grasp of all of the other research in your area.
  • Prepare questions that you may be asked in advance:
  • The purpose of your intended research?
  • Why do you personally want to do it?
  • What is your plan for conducting your research?
  • When do you intend to conduct the research?
  • How can you justify your methodology?

We Can Write Your Dissertation Proposal and Help with Your Defense

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