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What Is a Cumulative Exam?

A student needs to have clear knowledge of what a cumulative exam is before they sit for one so that they know what is required of them before they begin the exams. A clear and precise cumulative exam definition is therefore necessary so that there won’t be any other confusion with other forms of exams.

There are many forms of exams that are taken by students during different levels of degrees and each has different objectives, formats, content, and necessary requirements that should be met. Cumulative exam is just one of them, learn what are its peculiarities. Continue reading for more useful info provided by our expert from PhD thesis online.

What Is a Cumulative Exam?

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What is a cumulative exam? A clear and simple cumulative exam definition can be derived from the word itself. Cumulative since consideration is of something that has piled up over quite some time. A cumulative final exam, therefore, is an exam that seeks to test a student’s knowledge over a whole study period which could be a semester or a term. All the material learnt is gathered and questions are derived from the material so that the questions are distributed evenly and test majorly everything learnt. The series of questions is based on readings from literature that is being used currently. The exams expose the students to areas that are beyond their fields of study as well as their areas of research. They also put to test such skill as literature comprehension.

How exactly should it be written? These are some of the common questions that students should understand to know what they are dealing with. There are quite a number of requirements that apply for these particular type of exams as well. Some of the requirements for a cumulative final exam include:

  • The student must attend courses and classes for the respective subject from a minimum number of hours per term to be bona fide to sit for the cumulative exams.
  • The student should write all continuous assignments that build up to the final cumulative exams to qualify to sit for the same.
  • For those taking Ph.D. programs, an examination is given on each divisional area in each term of the academic year. The topic to be covered by each examination and any other suggested literature is announced one week prior to the exams.
  • In most cases, students are not supposed to sit for the cumulative examination during the term which they advance to candidacy exam.

about cumulative exam

Benefits of a Cumulative Exam

From the definition of cumulative exam, it is clear that a student is needed to grasp whatever they have learnt for a cumulative time period. There are quite a number of benefits that you derive from these type of exams. They include:

  • cumulative final is able to build a good basis of knowledge since the test is on all topics as they build on one another from basics right to the complex issues. There is therefore gradual growth with successive addition of content. They are helpful even for those students who do not score very well.
  • The spacing effect in these type of exams makes sure that what you learn sticks for a long time. You have to study for something that was taught a while back and therefore you have to go through it a couple of times. This is especially important for long-term learning since you get to learn something again after a break and this way it will stick longer.
  • From the definition of a cumulative exam, it is evident that you have to revise it a couple of times to master the content which could be plenty in this case. This will mean you will spend more time studying and this way you will have a good mastery of content. It also has an effect psychologically so that there are particular habits and reading modes that students will adopt if they have cumulative exams. If you tell a student of an upcoming cumulative exam they will respond by assuming particular traits in readiness for the same.

Why Our Help

There are quite a number of benefits that you will reap if you choose to with us so that we can guide you and assist you with your cumulative examination. Some of them include:

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All of us who have done can admit that it is not a walk in the park and you have to make proper prior preparations to be on the safe side and to make sure that you excel in the same.

If you need any form of assistance or guidance with your cumulative exam, make sure you reach out to us and we will gladly assist you!