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phd thesis in management

Avoid Mistakes When Writing Your PhD Thesis in Management

phd thesis topics in managementWriting a PhD thesis is not something that you are going to do overnight, nor is it something that is guaranteed to be accepted. You are going to have to ensure that you avoid the many mistakes that many other students will be making with their work. The following are 10 mistakes to avoid when writing your PhD thesis in management:

  • Miscommunication between you and your supervisor: ensure that you meet regularly with your supervisor and other faculty members and do not try to second guess what it is that they expect from you.
  • Don’t try to get all the data that you have collected into your thesis: not everything that you have worked on will be relevant to your actual research question or hypothesis.
  • Going off at a tangent: Often you will find yourself presented with novel new ideas and you may be tempted to detour away from your main focus.
  • Don’t just hope that experiments are going to turn out the way that you want: Sometimes results are going to be other than what we want to see, so it is best to have some alternative strategies.
  • Don’t go jumping to conclusions: Don’t go rushing off without first checking your data statistically to ensure that what appears at first glance to be significant really is.
  • Don’t cram in too much information to your thesis and presentation: Only show what is really relevant to your research and thesis. You do not have to prove how much work you have done.
  • Massaging your data or cherry picking what fits: Removing obvious outliers that can be explained logically is one thing. But do not however just remove or ignore data just because it does not fit your ideas.
  • Seeking perfection with your writing: This happens with many students, they will write and rewrite a section over and over and will often get to the stage where they have failed to write the bulk of their PhD dissertation online as they have spend too long agonizing over one section.
  • Never use secondary references: Always follow through to the primary source of information rather than accepting a secondary reference as being correct.
  • Plagiarism through poor note taking: Potentially you will review hundreds of other sources of information and it can be very easy to lose track of what notes you have taken are very close to the original text before you use them within your own text.




We Can Write Your PhD Thesis in Management

phd thesis topics in management adviceFrom selecting your PhD thesis topics in management through to writing your whole thesis and PhD editing we have the writers and editors that you can trust to deliver. Our writers are themselves qualified with a PhD in a relevant field ensuring that you receive expert help. They will write original and error free text and you are entitled to unlimited revisions to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

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