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We Can Create a Powerful Dissertation Proposal Presentation for You

dissertation proposal presentation

Why Is Your Dissertation Proposal Presentation So Important?

dissertation proposal defense powerpoint Your proposal defense is a very important step in your dissertation. You will need to convince the panel that your dissertation can be signed off and that you should be allowed to continue on and actually do your research. But many students are very nervous of standing in front of the panel to give a presentation and they are not sure what they should actually present in the way of a presentation.

The following will give you some guidance on how you should prepare for your defense and how to make it more successful.




Guidance for Your Dissertation Proposal Defense

dissertation proposal defense powerpoint helpIt is not just your dissertation proposal presentation that you have to worry about, in fact for many the presentation itself is the least of their worries. The following are some tips as to how you can ensure that your PhD dissertation online defense goes smoothly:

  • Get the basics right: make sure that you are going to turn up at the right place at the right time and if you are expected to provide any refreshments, or any other niceties.
  • Watch other defenses: One of the best ways to prepare is to go sit in the audience for others student’s defenses so that you can see exactly what happens.
  • Prepare all of your handouts and other forms: Ensure that you have all of the things that are required such as a signature form. Circulate copies of your proposal as required prior to your defense.
  • Remember that the person that really knows your research and the content of your proposal is you: you are the expert here.
  • Rehearse your presentation ahead of time: ensure that you do not overrun the time allowed for your defense. Ensure that you clearly identify the main points of your presentation that you need to cover.
  • Ensure that your dissertation proposal defense PowerPoint is free of any errors. If necessary have it proofread or edited.
  • Never just read from your slides word for word. Your slides should be bullet points and graphics that you talk around. Have your own notes to hand and use them.
  • Don’t panic, there is no need to tell the audience that you are nervous. Just relax, take a deep breath and enjoy your moment. Maybe you will even enjoy.

We Can Create Your Dissertation Proposal Presentation

dissertation proposal defense powerpoint professional helpIf you want to ensure that your defense is going to go smoothly we can take away the stress of creating your presentation. Our experts can work with you to identify the main points of interest in your proposal so that they can put together a presentation in any format that you require that is going to meet the expectations of the panel. Through us you will benefit from:

  • PhD qualified writers with many years of experience creating defense presentations
  • Writers with a full understanding of what the panel at your defense will expect to see
  • A highly affordable and completely confidential service
  • Proofread and plagiarism tested work to ensure your presentation is error free and unique
  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee

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So if you want to ensure that your dissertation proposal presentation is going to get you through to the next stage just contact us for reliable and timely help!