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Thesis Defense Presentation Must-Have: Checklist for a Lazy Student

dissertation presentation ppt

Image credit: Presentation College

Some people are so excited about their presentations that they end up leaving certain details that are regarded as very important. This will only spell disaster in the end and you may have no one to blame but yourself. This is why is it very important you ensure that certain elements are very present in your best PowerPoint templates for thesis presentation before you proceed with the actual thesis defense presentation. This is because along the course of your presentation, your audience will be on the lookout for some of these important pieces of information.

At this point of your reading, it is only natural for you to be asking the next question which is; what are those important details that must not be left out during any presentation set up? Well, you do not need to bother so much as this will be main purpose of this article. This write-up will contain some of those details that must not be left out when preparing your slides. For complete success during your presentation, it is advisable your slides contain the following items:

Thesis Defense Presentation Checklist

dissertation powerpoint checklist


Every thesis defense presentation must have a title and an abstract of a thesis. You don’t just bump into your presentation without displaying a slide that contains your title. In addition, it is not good enough to have your title poorly written. Rather, titles are boldly and stylishly written. In most cases, it happens to be the first thing that will attract or repel your audience. With a good title display, you can very well say you have had your presentation started on a good note.


You need an overview to display all the various items contained in your presentation. With this, your audience should be able to rightly guess the progress of the presentation. What will be addressed after what? Just as the name sounds, it is a list of all what will be done throughout the course of the presentation


It is unacceptable for you to claim to be ready for your defense dissertation presentation ppt when you don’t have your date tagged with your title. As small as this may look, it is very important. It is usually the date the presentation was written.


It is a known fact that modern researches are carried out based on the limitations of previous researches. Hence, it is only normal that people build on already existing information that is available at their disposal. This will mean that there are authors whose materials have contributed to your success during the course of your dissertation. It is only appropriate that these authors be cited in your reference page in one of your slides. If this is not done then your work may be regarded as a plagiarized work.

It is worthy to note that it is not only authors that are cited in this page as you are expected to equally bring to the notice of your audience, all the materials and libraries that have helped your course.

Literature overview

A presentation without any literature review is incomplete. This is another important aspect of your dissertation presentation ppt. This is not to say you should write the entire text of what you have in your dissertation. All you need do at this point is to have a summary of your literature review displayed on your slide and you are home.

Recommendations and findings

Recommendations and findings are important parts of your dissertation PowerPoint presentation. This is because at the end of your presentation, questions will be asked based on both items. Hence, you have to be very precise about your findings and what your recommendations are. Just as it has been earlier stated, nothing is new under the sun that is why the audience will be greatly interested in knowing what makes your research unique. Your findings make it unique.

Name of advisor/supervisor

You do not want to go there feeling all heroic on the day of your dissertation PowerPoint presentation. This is the main reason why it is always recommended that your advisor’s name be also acknowledged in one of your slides. This is just a rule that puts you on the safe side. Acting otherwise can cause your examiners to be impatient with you.

These are some of the items that must be part of your slides to give you a good chance of soaring high during the actual presentation.

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