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We Know the Way to Create Masters Thesis Defense Excellently




It is expected that at the graduate level of education one should understand certain basic rules as it concerns having a good presentation. However, it is not the case as so many persons still seem to be struggling with how best they can come up with a good one. Most people end up having sleepless nights for the reason. Are you in the category of persons mentioned above? Are you already asking yourself “how can I get this done”?

Yes, it may be a task that requires a lot of concentration in other to get the best, but it is also achievable if you can have access to an appropriate PhD thesis defense. With the right presentation outline, you would discover this exercise is not as difficult as it appears to be.

A careful read from start to finish is all you need to put together a perfect presentation. This is because a post is committed to showing you some of the basic rules which should be observed in other to get it right when it comes to making brilliant presentations of a template. In the end, you should be able to identify a very good sample of the master thesis defense.

Which Slides Are Preferred?

Let’s have a look at some examples of PPT and then we would discuss what points were good there.

thesis defense samplethesis defense example
thesis defense templatethesis defense samples

There are various examples for master’s thesis defense. But not all of them are good models to be followed.

  • Layout 1 is a beautiful model to emulate. The background is just perfect in terms of mixed colours. And not only is the font style perfect, but the font size is equally acceptable.
  • Layout 2 is not acceptable. In an attempt to make the particular leaf look so stylish the individual ends up ruining the design. The font style is almost repelling. Fonts are supposed to be very attractive, but it is not the case with a layout. The texts on the leaf are a bit clustered.
  • Layout 3 is equally a good model though it looks a little bit complicated in terms of design.
  • Layout 4 is almost like Slide Layout 1. It is just that its background is made up of a single colour. It is a simple design that is also captivating. It has a great font style and size.

Correct PhD Thesis Defense – All the Required Info

Crafted beneath would be an in-depth look at what should be implemented in other to have a flawless thesis defense presentation. In other words, listed below would be some basic rules which might help you avoid the common mistakes that are done when making presentations:

Have your PPT planned

Just because you have a masters thesis defense presentation to make is not enough reason for you to start having as many leaves as you want. Rather, you must ensure you have your layouts well planned. With your outline, you should be able to know how many pages would be appropriate for your presentation. It is done so as to avoid the use of too many layouts. It is because when pages become too many they end up confusing the audience.

One idea per one page

It is a basic rule of thumb is having a good masters thesis defense. You must ensure your major points are introduced with different leaves. Please do not try to compress all your ideas into a single leaf as it is nothing but another recipe for confusion.

Keep it brief

Your page is not an avenue for storytelling. You must learn to keep it nice and simple, a maximum of seven lines of text would be appropriate. You could also use graphs and charts as they help to pass the intended message across.


This is also another factor which has to be taken into consideration when putting together your pages. Your texts have to be visible enough so that even the last person in the hall could clearly see what you are presenting. A font-size of 25 for normal text and 44 for headings would be okay.

These are a couple of rules you should bear in mind if you ever want to have a perfect thesis defense. Observing them will only make your job much simpler and less stressful.

Are you having problems understanding the best format to make use of? There are experts who can help you out!