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Perfect Length for Thesis Defense Powerpoint Presentation

thesis defense presentation slides

Image credit: Meeting Tomorrow

Having an all-round success in your thesis defense PowerPoint presentation entails a couple of noteworthy things. Success in this regards goes beyond just having your slides ready or making sure the right things are put on it, but it is a perfect observation of some guidelines. Some people just fill their PhD dissertation length with more than enough content in a bid to score maximum points, but in the end it turns out to be another process of shooting themselves in their legs. You mustn’t fill your thesis defense presentation slides with too many contents that it becomes too much for your audience to comprehend.

Filling up your slides with too many contents can be detrimental to your quest of having a successful thesis defense PowerPoint presentation. Hence, one needs to be aware of certain things so as to know how many texts should be put in each slide. Naturally, the next question on your mind right now would be “how many words can I have on my slides”? Pasted below are examples of slides and how much words should be in them:

Creating Thesis Defense Presentation Slides Checklist
thesis defense powerpoint presentation lengthTitle page

Your title page can take this format. It has to be short yet catchy. It does not have to be filled with very long texts. This is a rule of thumb in crafting breath-taking titles. You must make sure it is simple and straight enough to understand. Ideally speaking your title should be a maximum of ten words. Just try to ensure that your thesis is well summarized in the process.

Presentation outlines

presentation outlines sample

There is a constant factor in determining how much should be on your slides. It is a fact that your target audience can hardly read your texts and listen to you at the same time. This is just the natural order of things. So you want to ensure you have as few words on your slides as possible. For your outline slide, a maximum of 50 words will do just fine. The image above is a bit clustered and too much in terms of number of words. So try and reduce the words to the very minimum, even if you will require more than one screen to do the job. It makes your work much neater than the usual cluster of words.

There are a whole lot of rules out there on the number of maximum words you should have on your slides. The truth is that the number of words can be flexible. This is because the word count will be fully dependent on how complicated your subject matter is.

Here are a few things to help you fit your words nice to your thesis defense presentation and ensure that you get the best of attention from your audience:

Avoid the use of complex statements

The best way to grab all the attention is when you make use of the simplest grammar in your presentation. Remember, your audience finds it difficult to read your slides and listen to you at the same time. It is just the natural way of the brain’s operation. Don’t think you are really fooling anyone when you fill your slides with the most complex of grammar, rather it’s just a good way of getting yourself into trouble. You must be direct to the point. Keeping it nice and simple is a must-observed rule at this stage.

Background color

Background colors should be good enough to have your text easily displayed on it. If your chosen background color decides to clash with your text color then it will only aid in making your text difficult to read. You do not want to complicate issues for yourself.

It is all about how easy your audience can read your thesis defense presentation slides. So you naturally don’t want to do anything that would attract the disapproval of your examiners who make up your audience.

Do away with unnecessary information

The use of unnecessary information is not really needed at this stage, which happens to be your thesis presentation. Your points have to be concise and very direct. Major points should contain as few words as possible while information on the points should be properly summarized.

Remember, choice of word count may differ. The audience is what really matters. They are the ones you should have in mind when preparing your slides for your thesis defense PowerPoint presentation.

Are you struggling to understanding how to maintain the perfect length for your thesis? You need experts to help you out for your thesis defense PowerPoint presentation to be a success!