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Most Popular Thesis Defense PowerPoint Format: How to Use It Right

thesis defense powerpoint

Image credit: University of Illinois

It is supposed to be a thing of fun whenever presentations are organized since the person at the core of the PhD dissertation proposal defense, will be directly relating with his/her audience and will get a chance to get a better grade. However, this has turned into a nightmare for most people. It is important for us to point out that even graduate students are not exempted from this trend as they are equally affected by it the most.

If you happen to be one of the persons mentioned above then you have come to the right place as this post will be exposing you to what you need to know in other to get the best results in this regards.

PowerPoint Presentation for Thesis Defense

thesis defense powerpoint checklist

The golden rules

Having a careful look at these rules that will be listed below will be a good place to start from. These rules represent some of the most appropriate dissertation defense PowerPoint formats.

Make an outline

Make sure that you have an outline of what you intend to talk about. Having your outline will save you a whole lot of time as it will help serve as a guide in determining how your slides should look like.

Number of slides

Some people just bump into their thesis defense PowerPoint preparations without having to know exactly how many slides are to be used. This approach will definitely get you nowhere as you will end up moving back and forth without making any real progress. You will end up spending more time with this approach. Hence, it is advisable you have your slides planned out before you start preparing them.

One idea for each slide

Having more than one idea for a PowerPoint presentation for thesis defense slide will not only end up confusing your audience, it can equally put you in a state of confusion. Try not to complicate things. Your slides should be almost self-explanatory. Hence, the need for having one idea for every slide cannot be taken for granted in any way.

At the simplest level

You do not want to be extravagant in your choice of words and thesis defense presentation format as this can only be likened to shooting yourself in the leg. You will be more comfortable if your audience can view your points just the way you see them. Having different views is just a way of saying that you guys are not on the same page. This is why you need to do everything to ensure that you keep your points simple.

Keep it short

Most people make the mistake of trying to explain their points with too many details. This is another area you should be on the lookout for. You won’t impress anyone by making your explanations unnecessarily lengthy. If you keep doing that you will be inviting trouble from your audience without you knowing. If possible you can use charts or graphs. These images help you to pass your messages to your audience without you having to do too much writing. And just to add, you may want to avoid the use of tables as they are rather confusing.

Visible enough

Make sure your thesis defense PowerPoint slides are visible enough for everyone to see. You must consider even the last person in the hall when preparing your slides. This can be achieved by making use of bright colors for backgrounds when necessary and also large font size. Mixing up too many colors are to be avoided as it could turn out to be detrimental to your presentation.

Edit your presentation

Don’t ever think that you are good to go with just one read. Make sure you go through your slides over and over again. Going through it about four times will just be fine enough. This is absolutely necessary to help you spot out those mistakes that are not too pronounced. Check to ensure that there is continuity between slides, this is very important as it will keep the audience focused in the flow of communication. You can also have your work proofread by someone else.


Most people think this is just supposed to come naturally. They believe that after preparing the slides they are supposed to get used to the ideas in them. But how wrong have most of them turned out to be? This is something that can ruin all your effort. It is only appropriate that you try to get use to your dissertation defense PowerPoint slides by rehearsing time and again. Master every slide if you have to.

With a careful observation and implementation of these rules you can only be sure of getting the best of your thesis presentation.

Contained here are some PowerPoint presentation for thesis defense instructions that will guide you in putting together a brilliant presentation for your thesis defense.

Are you struggling to understand which thesis defense PowerPoint format to make use of? Ask our experts for the best assistance!