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PhD Thesis Structure

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodologies
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
  • References

Look Through Our Dissertation Proposal Template

dissertation proposal template

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Dissertation Proposal Template?

dissertation proposal structure tipsStructuring and writing your proposal correctly is as important as what you write with regards to your proposed research. Your dissertation will need to be written to a very high standard to a very precise format and you will need to demonstrate your ability to follow these requirements right from your proposal. Anything less than perfection in your writing could see your proposal rejected or returned for modification.

So it is very important to use the right dissertation proposal template for your writing to ensure that you cover everything that is required within your proposal.




The Correct Structure for Your Dissertation Proposal Template

dissertation proposal structureYour PhD thesis online will depend on the institution and subject that you are following however the following will mirror what most will expect for your dissertation proposal structure:

  • Title of your dissertation: This should be short and descriptive
  • Objectives of your research: This should include your research question or hypothesis.
  • Literature review, background, context: This section should show what is already known around your topic and where the holes are in current knowledge and why your research is so important.
  • Research details: this is where you expand a little more on your objectives and is an opportunity to clearly spell out what your research is going to cover.
  • Methodology: Show that you have considered the different methods that you could use as well as explaining your suggested methodology. This should also cover your analysis methods also.
  • Expected outcomes: You should be able to make an educated guess as to what outcomes you would expect from your research and why.
  • Timeline: The better you plan your research the easier that the actual research is likely to be and the more likely that you will prevent issues from arising. In many cases you will also be expected to provide a list of resources required and costs.
  • Bibliography: This should not just list research that you cite in the text, it should cover all of the literature that you have reviewed prior to completing your proposal.

We Can Write Your Proposal with the Correct Dissertation Proposal Template

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So if you want to have the very best proposal with the correct dissertation proposal template just contact our experts here today!