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Funny PhD Jokes Only PhDs Can Relate To

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How Do We Go for PhD?

Doctorate degree in any subject is considered to be highly honorable by the people. It is definitely not easy to get a PhD degree. However, once you become successful in achieving the degree, the plenty of work opportunities become available for you. For a successful career, there can’t be any other best option than to study for a PhD program. It is the most honorable and the hard to achieve stage in the entire educational life. You can end up in getting a good job that will lead to providing a desired lifestyle. Therefore, this hard work definitely pays off to every individual. If you’re having troubles with your thesis writing, feel free to use the help of our PhD writing services!

  • funny phd jokes

There is a major fact about PhD students to which most of us aren’t aware of. More than 50% PhD students and even non-PhDs are not familiar with the jokes written about the doctorate degree. The Internet is full of innumerable PhD jokes that are really worth reading and sharing as well. You should definitely explore and read as many jokes about PhD as you can. These amusing lines aren’t only based on humor but the reality and facts as well.




Jokes about PhD You’ll Regret to Miss

These are some of the most golden lines about PhD that we managed to find online. Hopefully, these amusing and hilarious PhD one liner jokes are enough to bring a smile to your face.

  • The relationship statuses must have another addition. Like many types of statuses i.e. Single, Married, In a Relationship, It’s Complicated, there should be the one called ‘In a PhD’.
  • A 45 years old man visits the family to see a girl (his spouse-to-be). The mother of young girl fainted by seeing that guy. She told, “The same guy had visited my home 20 years ago in search of a life partner”.
  • A man asked to another, “What is your qualification?” He replies, ‘I am a PhD’. The first one says, “What do you mean by PhD?” The other guy answered, ‘Passed High School with Difficulty”.
  • Who are always single and never available? Someone answered, the PhDs.
  • A father told about qualifications of their sons to the neighbor. He said, 1st son has a degree in economics, 2nd has MBA, 3rd son has PhD and 4th son is Thief. The Neighbor replied, ‘why can’t you throw the fourth son out of your house?’ Father said, “He is the only one earning money. The rest are unemployed”.
  • She: What do you do?
    He: PhD
    She: Wow! Doctorate.
    He: No. Pizza Hut Delivery.

Have a look at these funny PhD jokes you’ve never heard before. Don’t resist sharing these spectacular jokes with friends and family!