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All You Need to Know About PhD Dissertation Proposal

phd dissertation proposal

The Importance of Your PhD Dissertation Proposal

phd dissertation proposal sampleThe purpose of your PhD dissertation proposal is to show the panel that you have carefully considered all aspects of your PhD research and can show that you research topic is worthy of research at this level. You will need to show that the issue that you are going to tackle is of importance to your fields and that it can be solved within the scope of the PhD and the resources that you have available.

It is also your opportunity to plan carefully how you are going to go about doing your PhD research; the better that you plan the PhD the easier it will be to complete and the fewer problems you are likely to encounter.




Structure and Writing of Your PhD Dissertation Proposal

phd dissertation proposal sample formatThe following will show you the main sections that your proposal needs to cover with some advice as to what you will need to include within those sections:

  • Title: Your title should reflect what your research is actually about and should reflect the importance of your research within your field.
  • Abstract: This should be around 300 to 500 words in length and should be a summary of the proposal that you are writing. It must include the research question or questions that you are seeking to answer through your research and the methodology that you will use. Best to write last.
  • Introduction: This needs to provide the reader with the background to the research that you are going to undertake and also persuade them as to the importance of your research within your field.
  • Objectives: These should be clearly stated aims for your research, sometimes however these are rolled into the introduction or the literature review depending on your institutions preferences.
  • Review of literature: You need to ensure that what you have read as part of your research is included in the bibliography whether used or not.
  • Statement of research question: This needs to show how what you are proposing differs from what has been researched before, how it builds on past research and how it is of importance to your field.
  • Preliminary testing: if required you should run some intial tests to test the variables that you are looking at to ensure that you are selecting the right ones and the right methodology.
  • Methods: You need to show that you have considered the different options that are available and explain why you have chosen your methodology over the others. The more work that you put into this section the easier that your actual research for PhD thesis dissertation will be.
  • Results: While you will have no results at this stage you should suggest what results you are expecting to see when you conduct your research.
  • Conclusions: These should be a restatement of your research questions and a summary of your methodology and expected results.

The amount of effort that you put into your PhD dissertation proposal will be rewarded by ensuring that you will have a far better thought out and planned project in front of you. Don’t expect that your supervisor and the panel will just accept your proposal. They may suggest many changes and may also expect you to defend your proposal.

We Can Help with Writing Your PhD Dissertation Proposal

phd dissertation proposal sample helpNo matter what stage you are at with your proposal our highly specialized PhD thesis writing services can provide you with expert help through PhD qualified editors and writers. The can provide you with a PhD dissertation proposal sample to review through to writing your entire proposal for you. All of our services are provided to the highest of standards and come with our full satisfaction money back guarantee.

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