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A Phd Diploma, without Leaving Your Home: Possible or Not?

Many students dream of an international phd diploma, but this means experiencing the hardships of staying away from home for years, leaving alone the excessive expenditures on apartment rent and traveling, maybe you’re the one of them and it is time to think about the distance learning?

Today many universities all across the world give the opportunity for students to study online, price rates for such study format are cheaper at times more than for 30%.

One-in-seven (14%) of all higher education students took all of their courses “Exclusively” at a distance in 2015. In US More than one in four students (28%) now take at least one distance education course (a total of 5,828,826 students, a year‐to‐year increase of 217,275.




Walden University, Capella University, Northcentral University, University of the Rockies, University of Southern California and the Cornerstone University are among those the most popular universities offering opportunities for getting phd online, recognized at national and international level.

Somehow Different: Is Phd Ddistance Learning Worse or Better?

It’s hard to measure the abstract things like education quality, basing only on subjective parameters. The metric is still being developed, however, there have been series of researches conducted aimed to determine the relative quality of online cources comperd to face-to face education, and here’s what they found out:

online doctorate degrees

image credit: http://onlinelearningsurvey.com

With this slow but steady trend of improvement 77.0% of the academic leaders rated online education as good, better and same.

There are different types of Doctorate/PhD degrees you can pursue online, among them are:

  • Doctoral Programs in Legal Professions
  • Doctoral Programs in Health Professions
  • Doctoral Programs in Legal Professions
  • Doctoral Programs in Education
  • Doctoral Programs in Engineering
  • Doctoral Programs in Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Professional doctorates with abbreviations like M.D. or J.D stand for (Medicinae Doctor) earned by medical school graduates or J.D. (Juris Doctor) received by law school graduates. There’s a fairly extensive number of other doctorates existing these days, if you’re wondering about degree types within doctorate-level study, view them here.

Years of Commitment or How Long Do Online Doctoral Programs Take?

As known, the higher degree you’re aiming at the longer time you will struggle towards it, especially if the field you’re studying is narrowly specialized. Students applying for Ph.D. program have already earned a bachelor’s, and at times even masters degree.

The most common type of Phd received in US is Doctor of Philosophy.

As a student you will be expected to start new projects that will contribute and generate new knowledge to the existing base of the sphere you’re studying in.

A Ph.D. typically obtained to demonstrate the person’s ability in researching and prove they can become professors. Seeking careers as scientists and researchers candidates for Phd also often end up grasping positions in nonprofit organizations and even private sector. As statistic shows working in private sector Phd holders more often start companies and try themselves in the role of entrepreneurs. According to Stanford or M.I.T. Phd holders are often seen as principles in bio-technology companies, and according to the Department of Education (DEP) in US, the research doctorate is the highest earned academic degree in postsecondary education.

online doctoral programs

Being Ready: Typical Online Doctoral Programs

As a PhD candidate you will be involved in study process beginning with courses and exams and ending with advanced seminars attending until you’re ready to complete your dissertation research and defend it. A doctoral-level thesis is called a dissertation that is a peak of your PhD education and the main document providing the right to be called a doctor.

When picking a doctoral program online the first thing you should check on is whether the program is certified. The following list represents the common online programs from online accredited schools:

1. Walden University
Accreditation: HLC, NCAWalden University online phd program


Business Admin (DBA)
Accounting (DBA)
Special Education (EdD)
Social Work (DSW), ect.

2. Capella University

Accreditation: HLC, CCNE, NCATE, CACREP, GACcapella university online phd program


IT Management (PhD)
Social Work (PhD)
Education Admin (PhD), ect.

3. Northcentral University

Accreditation: HLC, NCANorthcentral University online phd program


Business Administration (DBA)
Education (EdD)
Public Admin (PhD)

4. University of the Rockies

Accreditation: HLC, NCAUniversity of the Rockies phd program online


Educational Leadership
Organizational Development
Sports Psychology

Cornerstone university phd online program5. Cornerstone university

Accreditation: HLC, NASM


Organizational leadership and development

6. Saybrook University

Accreditation: WASC, SCITYSaybrook University phd online program


Mind-body medicine

7. Regent university

Accreditation: SACSCOC, CACREP, ASELRegent university online phd program


Strategic leadership
Entrepreneurial leadership
military ministry

8. University of Southern California

Accreditation: WASCUniversity of Southern California online phd program



9. Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Accreditation: APAChicago School of Professional Psychology online phd


Business Psychology
Organizational Leadership

10. Sullivan University

Accreditation: IACBESullivan University online phd program



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Doctorate Thesis and Defense

It may take you up to 8 years to get the doctorate and will depend on:

  • a particular program chosen
  • whether the applicant already gained the masters degree or striving towards a doctorate from undergraduate
  • how long it takes for the applicant to write the dissertation
online doctorate degrees online

image credit: www.phdcomics.com

Wondering why so long? Because PhD aimers are much heavily snowed under various demands placed on them than others altogether, students combining the study with work and family, the first doctoral program phase 2-3 years is spent on taking elective classes that’s why many students use PhD writing service that can write a decent thesis.

Every Phd defense process is unique so you should be prepared for all unpredictable quirks of fate. For instance, if your thesis consists of 300 pages the committee can find a typo on page 123 or just ask you the meaning of presumably unfamiliar word, they can dig deeper and ask you your opinion considering the sentence derived from context.

phd distance learning

image credit: www.phdcomics.com

Nowadays thesis defense is usually conveyed in the form of multimedia presentation followed by the questions afterwards. Staying confident will not be a great effort if you made your thesis 100% professional and covered all the facts you needed to include so make sure to proofread it beforehand.

phd writing service

image credit: www.phdcomics.com

Pitfalls in Pursuing Online Doctorate Degree

Be aware that obtaining the doctorate degree and stepping into the privileged phd holders world is might be more difficult than you expect:

1. Not all disciplines are available for online education

Some of the universities you’ll be serching for don’t accredit online Phd programs that’s why you may come across this problem. The reasons may be different for various universities but you should be aware that such disciplines f.g like natural sciences require practal work more than theoretical so the knowledge cannot be earned online.

2. Money lack

As long as the school is accredited students are eligible for aid but the federal education loans can’t be the single way for your Phd school payment.

3. Hardships with awards

You should get accredited brick-and-mortar school enrollment in order to qualify for the most fellowships and rewards as well as for teaching and research assistantship. Hence you can consider picking a brick-and-mortar PhD program if you plan to finance your studies with awards.

With the most up-to-date knowledge, prestigious programs under your belt and a PHD diploma it is much easier to climb up the corporate ladder in the future and if you have the limited time for training, online education can be a real way out for you if properly picked and followed.

Make a step into the big world of opportunities, pursue online doctorate degrees with a professional thesis!