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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Oral Defense Powerpoint Presentation for Thesis

dissertation proposal defense powerpoint

Image credit: Yale University

This post will be rightly exposing you to few things that are hidden to students who are close to having their oral defense PowerPoint presentations. When considering an oral defense PowerPoint presentation for a thesis student, there are standard ways of going about it, and that is what you are about to find out.

Most persons have fallen victims in the past because they were unaware of this information. Even though it is highly unlikely that you would have your research paper resubmitted, looking out for these unwanted elements will help to ensure that you score maximum marks. Contained in this article will be seven key things that are not known to most thesis students who are almost at the point of defending their research work. Here they are:

Oral Defense PowerPoint Presentation Advice

oral defense powerpoint presentation

Presentation duration

Most graduate students make the mistake of presenting too short or too long contents. Well, this is not the usual drill. An oral defense PowerPoint presentation isn’t supposed to be more than 30mins. Don’t think you will impress your audience when you make your PowerPoint thesis defense extra-long. It is really not needed in this regards. Keep your presentation as normal as possible. Normal here means, between 20 and 30 minutes would be appropriate. Hence, you should always bear it in mind that presentation durations are very important. This is a practice that is mostly observed in over ninety percent of the universities around.

Ensure simplicity

You must by all means avoid the use of complex statements during the course of your presentation. This is not some high school debate where you flaunt all sorts of vocabulary. It is highly recommended you stay as low as you can and ensure your message is not being compromised in anyway whatsoever. This one is another major point to take note of because it happens to be the preferred standard by most examiners.


As rightly discovered by a lecturer in a college in America, most students fail to impress themselves before going ahead with their presentations. You will flow better during the presentation if you understand your topic very well. As such, it is advised that you try to convince yourself first on the subject matter.

Don’t be too defensive

Many persons fall short in this regards during a dissertation proposal defense PowerPoint. They appear to be hostile to questions from their audience. This may not be too good for you as you may end up losing the approval of your examiners. You should welcome every question that is thrown at you. This is because asking question is an indication that they really want to know more about the subject matter. As a matter of fact if your examiners don’t ask you any questions, it is a polite way of saying they are not impressed by your presentation.

Be demonstrative

It may be okay for you to stand still during your PowerPoint thesis defense, but you will lack the proper communication with your audience. Demonstrating with your hands and slight movements helps to keep your examiners connected to you. It also have a way of ensuring a good flow between you and your audience.

Familiarity with slides

You have to be familiar with your slides. This is one way to get prepared for the questions. If you can tackle this part very well then you are on your way to recording maximum success in your presentation. Master your slides line after line if you have to. Get accustomed to every idea or point that you have put down. Don’t assume you know it, rather be very sure that you actually know it.

Dress smart

You cannot dress down to a presentation of this magnitude because this is a serious business. Hence, it has to be treated as such. You must dress smart enough, otherwise you will only succeed in putting off your examiners. You surely do not want this kind of reaction from your audience.

Standard procedure

The standard procedure of any oral defense is the same throughout the world. It is basically divided into two main sessions. The first session is the part that includes the presentation by the student. The second session is the part where the student gets ready to entertain questions from his examiners. This is the regular procedure during any dissertation proposal defense PowerPoint.

Let experts help you out today in your oral defense PowerPoint presentation to make it successful!