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6 Biggest Thesis Presentation PPT Pitfalls and Ways to Avoid Them

thesis presentation ppt

Image credit: Louisiana State University

Most people are fond of getting on the wrong side of the park when it comes to having a successful thesis presentation. There are rules and guidelines that are to be observed if you want to record a success in your dissertation defense ppt. A knowledge of these PhD thesis in management rules will only help you score maximum marks. Anything contrary to observing set rules during the course of your presentation could put you in a very tight corner.

You are just about to discover the regular pitfalls that most students make as it concerns thesis presentation ppt and its defense. All you have to do is make sure you read through this post carefully and find out for yourself which of these areas you have been embracing just before now. Discover these pitfalls and learn how to avoid them with us here today!

PhD Dissertation Defense PPT: Things to Avoid

dissertation defense ppt tips

Long presentations

Avoid trying to look like some kind of nerd by explaining more than is necessary in your dissertation defense presentation. A long PhD dissertation defense ppt can make your audiences feel like they are having a nightmare. Without being told, you should know that if you ever succeed in boring your supervisors with your unnecessarily long presentation then you can be sure of equally attracting the wrong end of the rod to yourself. Try as much as you can to avoid putting together long presentations, it is enough to bore the most excited minds.

Avoid complex statements

You should be aware that your audience may not be well enlightened as it regards your thesis topic. And as such, you should avoid trying to make life miserable for them by playing with words that they may not be too familiar with. The more you engage in this act during any thesis presentation, the more your chances of defeating the very purpose of your presentation. Your choice of words should be simple enough to be understood by the average Joe. This way you will be able to relate your message to your audience without breaking sweat.

Complicated backgrounds

This one may sound funny because it is simply about the use of colors. In a bid to impress the audience, most people fall short in this regards by making their background reflect a combination of colors. In most cases the colors become one too many. Color combinations are good but make sure you do not send the wrong message to your audience by making use of the wrong color combination. Simple backgrounds are mostly advised if you are not too good with color combination. One more thing worthy of note in this regards is the fact that background color and text colors should be distinct. They should not clash.

Too many ideas on one slide

Trying to compress more than one idea into a single slide is just another way of telling your audience that you are not prepared for the task at hand. It can be that bad. You should have your slides capturing just an idea at every given point in time. This makes your work very neat and interesting at the same time. When eyes are focused at your slides, the brain simultaneously starts trying to figure out a thing or two about the major point on the slide. Hence, you want your audience to be in synch with your presentation by making your slides as simple as possible.

Don’t fidget

What in the world are you scared of? These people have come from wherever just to watch you do your PhD dissertation defense ppt. And all you can do is shake in front of them? This mistake happens to be very common with so many individuals. If you must know, this could be annoying to your audience. They enjoy looking at individuals who claim to be an authority in the subject matter. The truth is that the moment you start displaying some level of confidence in your thesis presentation, you stand a good chance of earning yourself some extra marks. So avoid fidgeting because it is totally uncalled for.

Don’t be too formal

Avoid being too official during your dissertation defense ppt. Learn to relax a bit, put up a smile and try to engage your audience in the most effective way. You could use a good sense of humor at this point. Make your audience smile once in a while if you have to, this is a good way of attracting your audience’s attention. Being too formal is another good way to bore your audience, and you can very well guess the outcome of such an act.

In conclusion, observe these common mistakes and avoid them completely. You can be sure of nothing but scoring maximum points. With these rules fully observed you can be sure of having an interesting thesis presentation ppt.

There are experts that can help you out with the best thesis presentation ppt format possible today!