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5 Tricks to Make Your Dissertation Defense Presentation Interesting

dissertation defense presentation

Image credit: Deakin

When it comes to a dissertation defense presentation there are two categories of people that usually stand out. One is a group of people who really know what it takes to get the audience fully captivated on the subject matter while the other is made up of persons whose presentations suck. Simply put, it is either you impress the audience or you get them bored. The act of turning a presentation into an ordeal is not an experience anyone would wish for. This is because the success of your presentation and PhD thesis writing has a lot to do with how your audience reacts during the course of the presentation.

And as for an academic presentation like the ones carried out during dissertation defense, it is all about scoring maximum marks. For this reason, your aim would be to make your presentation as perfect as it could ever be. Unfortunately, a lot of people still liken this to studying rocket science. It’s even worse for those who still have things like stage fright to contend with. But you need not worry anymore as this article will be revealing some reliable dissertation defense presentation tricks that can help you have your audience glued to their seats and asking for more.

Dissertation Defense Presentation Checklist

thesis defence presentation

Make your presentation brief

As is the case with most dissertation defense, the most important personalities in your audience are the examiners. They could be external or internal. These people do not have all the time in the world. So you may want to get the most of their attention by making sure your presentation is straight to the point. You should avoid beating about the bush because they most likely are not ready for such. Rather, they are hoping that your thesis PowerPoint presentation will provide them with a moment of brilliance. This is one of the ways you can be rest assured of having their attention for the most part of your presentation.

Brilliant introduction

This is another important aspect of any dissertation defense presentation that cannot be taken for granted. This will help define the level of attention you would get from your audience. If you introduce your presentation with the same old and boring way that every other person did then you may just be asking for trouble from your supervisors and the outcome might not be pleasant. So you may want to introduce your thesis defense PowerPoint with a fascinating line of statement; something highly captivating. You should be equally careful at this point as not to overdo it so you don’t end up getting yourself burnt in the process.

A little joke is allowed

You cannot afford to make your presentation sound like a court case. Being too formal is really not going to earn you any extra marks. Rather with such approach you stand a very good chance of having your audience very bored. On the other hand, you can make your thesis defence presentation to be fun all the way by simply chipping in some light jokes once in a while just to keep everyone active. This will help you appeal to the soft side of your audience and they cannot help but want to listen more.

Practice before presenting

This is one of the oldest ways of assuring a pleasant thesis defence presentation, yet so many people still fall victim of it. It is not enough to just assume that you have mastered your presentation just because you prepared it yourself. It is only safe for you to observe this rule and your weaknesses will be revealed to you as you continue. You can go as far as practicing in front of a mirror and take note of all that should be taken note of.

Do some demonstrations

As ordinary as this may sound, many persons have had a disappointing dissertation presentation simply because they fail to interact with their audiences. Out of fear, most people just stand still like immovable objects during their presentation. However, it is advised that you do some moving around and gesturing with your hands during the course of your dissertation defense presentation. When you do this, you unwittingly keep your audience alive as they will be doing everything to follow your demonstrations. It is just a natural way of communicating.

In conclusion, if you can abide by these rules during your thesis PowerPoint presentation then you can be rest assured of getting the most of the marks. Make your presentation compelling by simply adopting these strategies.

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